Various Fish

Description: IQF or L/P fillets
Sizes: From 4-6oz. to 12-16oz.
Origin: Vietnam

Salted Cod
Description: Semi-dry, choice boneless and boneless chunks
Sizes: Medium, Large and Extra Large
Origin: Norway and Canada

Description: We carry Black, Red and Ling Cod. We have both loins and fillets available.

  • Atlantic cod loins - 6oz.
  • Black cod H/G - 5-7 lb and 7 lb up
  • Red cod fillet
  • Ling cod fillet
Origin: New Zealand and Canada

Description: IQF loins and fillets available
  • Lions - 4oz. and 5oz.
  • Fillets - 4-6oz. and 6-8oz.
Origin: China

Description: We carry steaks that come vac packed and layer packed. We also have
H/G, belly, tails and trims.
  • H/G - 50-85 and 85-100
  • L/P steaks - 4-5oz., 5-6oz., 6oz. and 7oz.
  • Vac-packed steaks - 8oz.
Origin: Canada

Orange Roughy
Description: L/P fillets
Sizes: 6-8oz. and 8oz.-up
Origin: New Zealand

Description: IQF fillets
Sizes: 2-4oz., 4-6oz., 6-8oz. and 8-10oz.
Origin: China

Description: H/G and VAC packed fillet
  • 1-2 lb fillets
  • H/G - 8-10 kg, 10-12 kg and 12-15 kg
Origin: Chile

Description: Steaks, fillets and portions. We also have a wide variety of smoked salmon products, cedar planks and organic options.
Sizes: A wide range of sizing in all salmon items.
Origin: Norway, Chile and Canada

Description: IQF fillets
Sizes: 4oz. - 8oz.
Origin: China

Description: IQF steaks and loins
  • Loins - 5-8 lbs
  • Steaks - 6-8oz.
Origin: Vietnam and Indonesia

Description: IQF and IVP fillets
Sizes: From 5-7oz. to 11-13oz.
Origin: China and Taiwan

Description: H/G IQF and L/P fillets
  • H/G - 500-1000 and 1000-2000
  • Fillets - 4-8 and 8-16
Origin: Canada

Description: Yellowfin, albacore and sushi grade. Loins, steaks and saku. IVP available.
  • steaks - 4oz. 6oz. and 8oz.
  • Lions - 2-4 lbs and 3-5 lbs
  • Saku - 10oz.
Origin: Vietnam and China

Other Fish and Seafood Items: Clam and conch meat, crawfish, escargot, frogs legs, hokkigai (surf clams), scampi tails, sea cucumber meat, seafood combo, boston blue, capelin female, king fish steaks, round mackerel, milkfish, mahi, oil fish, ocean perch, white pomfret, snapper fillet, silver fish, sea smelts, dover sole, blue stickleback, sardines

Legend IQF - individually quick frozen
IVP - individually vacuum packed
L/P - layer packed
H/G - headless abd gutted
Wggs - whole, gutted, gilled and scaled
WC - whole and cleaned
BB - baby

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