• Raw head-on, headless shell on, easy peel, peeled and deveined tail-on, cooked peeled and deveined tail-on shrimps. Both IQF and block frozen available.

  • Black tiger, green tiger, white, pink, wild, farmed, organic and salad shrimp
Size: From jumbo sizes like 4-6 to 150-200 salad shrimp
Origin: Vietnam, Thailand, India, USA, Indonesia and South America

Description: Snow crab claws, cluster, meat. King crab leg Red and Gold, soft shell crab, dungeness crab.
Size: We have a wide range of sizes in all our crab products
Origin: Canada, USA, Russia, Indonesia and Thailand

Description: We carry a wide range of lobster tails as well as cooked lobster, raw body lobster, lobster tail meat and lobster meat.
Sizes: From 2oz. to 24oz
Origin: Canada, Cuba and Caribbean

Description: Whole shell, half shell and organic
Sizes: small, medium and large
Origin: New Zealand and Canada

Description: We carry raw meat, half shell and breaded scallops. Both IQF and block frozen are available.
Sizes: From jumbo U-10 all the way to 120-150 bay scallops
Origin: Canada, Japan and China

Description: Cooked in shell or without shell
Sizes: From U-30 to 70 and up
Origin: Canada

Legend IQF - individually quick frozen
IVP - individually vacuum packed
L/P - layer packed
H/G - headless abd gutted
Wggs - whole, gutted, gilled and scaled
WC - whole and cleaned
BB - baby

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